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I refer to Susan Goldsmith as the Pet Whisperer! She has a special gift with helping pets heal naturally and she has so much knowledge on natural pet health. She has helped us personally over the years with our dogs, and has also helped countless patients in our office with their pets health! I encourage you to listen to what Susan has to say! She will help you not only save thousands of dollars, but also help save your pets life, so they can lead a naturally healthy long life!      




     Whitney Zaino, Park City, UT, Abundant Life Chiropractic

I've known Susan for over 3 years now. Her knowledge and expertise in natural and holistic pet care has been a valuable asset for my dogs and I. I immediately started my dogs on her recommended products and it made a huge improvement in their immune system. They don't have any of the allergy and skin conditions that were a constant problem in the past. They are happy and frisky with healthy skin, fur and teeth.  I am forever grateful!

Kelly Welch, Conroe, TX

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